I honestly have no idea where I am going to go with this. I found tumblr the other day and lots of like minded people. I have a number of fetishes which will eventually make thier way onto this blog.
Some of which are In no particular order: BBWs, dirty girls that love cock, cum, and are not afraid to admit it. Group sex of the MFM. MFMM+ type variety. Love to see a slut being the center of attention and getting all her just desserts. If they like wearing cum thats a big plus, if they love to show and swallow, then I'm in complete lust!

So for now it is just a place for me to gather and share my love for BBW Cumsluts, Cumdumps and Cumwhores! I do have one particular CumWhore that I hope will add a post or two once I tell her of this blog, but that remains to be seen.

For the rest of you, I know there are tons of these blogs out there, if I get followers, fine, but for now this is for me.

Share if you like!
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What's cock worship?





I love cock. Everything about it. The taste. The smell. The feel of a hard cock sliding between my lips. I like it rubbed against my face while I beg to suck it. I want the precum coating my mouth while my eyes roll as my mouth is filled over and over again. I want to be positioned on the end of the bed, mouth agape, face fucked, strings of spit leaving my mouth messy. I want to be wanked over while I suck on fingers. I want to watch as my guy masturbates from across the room and I can guess the way his hand will move because I’ve watched him so often. I want to watch as his cock slides into other women, his face contort in pleasure as he knows his girl is fully supportive of him enjoying forbidden pussy. I want to suck it afterwards. I want to lick his ass while he wanks for me. I want to serve his cock every single time he tells me to. I want cum. I want *his* cum. My pleasure comes from making his cock feel good. I could never cum again and as long as I was allowed his fat fucking cock in my mouth, that would be fine with me.

That’s cock worship.



Yup, that’s, um, absolutely right.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go read this fifty times.


Haha! Well thank you very much ;)

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I was just trying to be nice! Your an ugly fat cunt anyway!!!


*Richard Attenborough voice*

And here, we see the male ego at it’s finest. After being thoroughly rejected, the male, in it’s stupidity, turns to insults and slander to try and make the female feel inferior.

Someone smell something burning?

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Just reblog this,seriously all,and at the end of the week I’ll pick two people :) Simple as that! I already have one, so I literally have zero use for these!!